Futuring of the future

Who the heck is “FromFinn”


A twenty-something jack of all trades with a pension to learn absolutely more then this tiny more is capable of. In all seriousness, I’m a experienced young artist in various types of fields in the never-ending sea of artists. What makes me any different? I know what I like and try to achieve it to my best of my abilities. My strong suit is engaging storytelling and presentation, with a keen eye on style influenced by music. 

Of my short experience, I now want to pursue for a better opportunity in the industry. The jack of all trades, mostly self taught with a large interest of expanding my knowledge. My specialties consist of digital design variating from Interactive, UX/UI experience, Web, Visual, and Video design. Other specialties comes down to Creative Direction, Creative Writing, Art Direction, and Music production. With addition to having an extensive knowledge with Adobe's Illustrator and photoshop. Not to mention a nice fellah.


Who is this lil’ Orange


Arrived on a astroid the size of a Pebble

70% of electronic atoms

30% wholesome

The short story is that Lil’ Orange is a alien from a far away planet who is about the size of your palm. Crash down to earth and has obsession with human emotions and livelihood. It’s Orange and it’s searching for the perfect somebody.


Story of the Lil’ Orange coming soon


100% LOVE 

200% REAL

Based on real emotions and real world personality, Lil’ Orange is a encapsulated version of our love and kindness in all of our hearts. Wanting nothing but the unconditional companionship of significant other. Seeing nothing but the beautiful in everything and everyone.

Check out it’s adventures on Instagram! @lil_orange_sighting