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updated on 3/16/17

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About fromfinn & my ambition

Yo. The name's Fionn Grimleyr and it's hard to really describe exactly what I do but to really get a perspective of what I can do is, well... Almost everything. Illustrator, writer, animator, designer, programmer, composer, professional belly-scratcher, and much more in the works. Without trying to sound completely pretentious, I am increasingly becoming the theoretical one-man-army.

In a world where it's difficult nowadays to manage time or to have a certain amount of money to achieve a dream, in a world where you don't have as many of the luxuries as others do.

That being said I've been solely independent by default, teaching myself everything because I have been interested in mostly... everything.  Generally my aspirations was to never to accomplish all the stuff I do alone; however, even looking for assistance requires financial means. Nevertheless, enjoy my shit and use the any of the contact information below if you wish to request my services or you just want to talk.

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