After I graduated, I started to practice artwork again here and there with as much leisure time that I had, for enjoyment sake. Not until the last week of December 2014, a little creative nerve urge me to conjure up a out-of-the-ordinary comic of a slightly altered story that I wrote beforehand.

 When I was trying to figure out a title for this project I Originally started off with the title Alone Time Compass which later became the better known Methodology, more on that later. This, at the time, was a short experiment for yours truly and I didn't really expect it would come off the ground.


So for the sake of preserving, the original concept or "pilot" if you will is now available to read if you so desire.

Where it began

  This is the original 14-page comic to the series Methodology, the original "pilot" if you will. A while ago I wrote a story inspired by Theodore Sturgeon books back in high school, without any implications of making a book let alone comic as a result.

  although Against my better judgement the original did picked up a large enough following to encourage me to continue. Enough for me to be more compelled to finish the retched thing. After I reached the completion to this version of the comic, I was personally displeased with how the NARRATIVE and artwork turned out as a whole.

  I've always lamented on how the way it looked despite the positive feedback that i have RECEIVEd. The story wasn't the way wanted it to be portrayed and ESPECIALLY not the way I wanted it to be concluded; However, with all that being said what I did feel like i'd accomplish was the positioning of cinematic angles and panel trickery which DEFINITELY gave the comic itself character.

  at the time, i did planned just making a simple updated version but later ended up just being a complete overhaul with all the bells and WHISTLES. Then led to the new title Methodology because it just felt like a almost ENTIRELY different comicnot only did the whole art style and direction matured but the storytelling became, to me, more compelling and thought provoking. in such a way i've always picture it could be, it also manage to produce 11 more pages then the original. That also means that this story being told in the original Alone time Compass, isn't at all canonical with the story being told with Methodology. So don't try to make any connections.

Four characters I had planned for Alone Time Compass