Jeri - Purpose (single)

“Jeri returns with a fresh new take of dance and ambience with the old school.”

MJRFF - DYAD (single)

“A glorious return to form with ‘MJRFF’ style of world electronica just in time for the new year!”

MJRFF X DCS - lifemachine (Single, remix)

MJRFF X DCS - lifemachine & lifemachine{2}

“lifemachine” was a project dedicated to a friend; Falco Verholen, in tribute to his wonderful book, Weaker Sides. This song was created with a dark and foreboding atmosphere with a slight intensity at the end.

The Collective VOL. 1

MJRFF - Can I Live

“Can I Live”, a song produced for a story that is under development. The song itself created with classical and ambient in mind with a touch of a slow burn to keep it interesting. On a personal note, I really enjoyed working on this with all the technical aspects within project itself.

Jeri - Down To Earth

“Down to Earth”, under the fictional character alias; Jeri Falke, this song definitely had stuck at wall trying to figure out what could this sound like. It really took awhile to really grasp a rhythm without it sounding like something off of The Matrix soundtrack. Eventually after many more experiments, it came down to very classy deep house piece with vocal performance by Tracy Thron.

FromFinn - Selenitic Age (Myst)

“Selenitic Age” is a remix version of a song from the 1993’s graphic adventure game “Myst” soundtrack produced by Robyn Miller. The purpose for this remix was in celebration for the game’s 20th anniversary.

“Thanks For Everything” (Single)

MJRFF - Thanks For Everything

Thanks For Everything - (Evil Finn Remix)

“Thanks For Everything” Ever heard of the saying “returning to form”? This song is 100% fits that phrase to a tee. With a mix of happy accident and sampling Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer, manage to create a beautiful early 90s world electronica. Month’s later, I revisited this instant classic with a brand new remix under the Evil Finn alias. Recreating the song with a modern touch. Combining drum and bass while injecting a more energetic and more danceable fusion that just makes you happy.

“The Ballad of Little Orange” (EP)

"The Ballad of Little Orange" is a performance EP telling a story through music and unsung poems based on true personal tragedies. Poems are written for each individual song and can be viewed in the "video descriptions" (viewer discretion is advised)

“I guess this is forever” (Single, EP)

“I guess this is forever” is a collaborative effort of multiple artist alias while the fictional artist JERI is mainlining this single/EP. Two remixes and a bonus edit/remix from Voodoo Child.

“Boring and Lonely EP” (EP)

( This is a joke. :D )