“A prototype of a video game that was a fun personal project that was made in two weeks during a small vacation. The game is based on the 1981 arcade urban legend, Polybius. Although not being concrete evidence of its existence, this is meant to serve as a alternative take of the supposed concept under the same name. Based on the Cinematronic’s 1980 arcade game, Star Castle; Polybius: Happy Mix Extend is an inspired version of that and less of the visually intense Rogue Synapse’s Polybius. Now being fully aware of the recent Llamasoft version and it’s creator, a beautiful adaptation which I may add, was the inspiration for my project before Llamsoft’s Polybius ever surfaced. Regardless I am very pleased with my version and the visual feats that I have accomplished creating it.” - FromFinn, 2017


“Three years ago I started a small experiment where I took Methodology and adapted it into an interactive medium. Essentially it was Methodology: The Video Game, respectively. If you're familiar with the current industry or just games in general, gameplay would consist of it being a walking simulator and a visual feast. I discontinued the project due to me losing interest and not being something I wanted to play. Unfortunately, I haven't preserved the project and most of its contents are stuck in limbo until recently I posted footage of the opening sequence on Twitter. The good news is that when I posted this footage on Twitter it was met with positive reception and I felt compelled to make a small return, a tribute if you will. A remake of the opening sequence and a visualization of what could've looked like beyond it.” - FromFinn, 2016